What will you find in your Sounds Better Toolkit?

In your kit you will find the following items. You don’t need to use everything in the toolkit, and you might prefer to use your own headsets.

  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Ear defenders
  • The Sounds Better Guide for using the toolkits
  • Board with QR Codes of each track
    This will allow you to play the tracks through your own phone or tablet, if you prefer.
  • Postcard with details of the Sounds Better website
  • Koto Music Player


The Koto Music Player has been chosen as its simple lift up button has been designed for people living with dementia. It also gives you quick access to the sounds and control if you wish to turn off the sound.

The player will be loaded with the Sounds Better soundscapes, but you are welcome to add other sounds and music for your setting.

The Guide features Makaton symbols recognised by our friends at Mencap. You are welcome to add stickers and personalise the guide for your own setting.

Where will you find the Sounds Better Sound Toolkits?

The following spaces all in Scarborough, will be offered a toolkit:

  • Cross Lane Hospital
  • The Personalised Learning College
  • Mencap
  • Yorkshire Coast Sight Support
  • Scarborough Museums and Galleries
  • The new hub (need to check details)

What is the Sound Toolkit?

The Sound Toolkit is a set of resources you can borrow whilst visiting your space, and other venues around the town. This website and the soundscapes are also part of the toolkit, meaning you can access the sounds at home too.

The sounds were created by patients, volunteers and staff from Cross Lane Hospital, the Personalised Learning College and our community advisors and artists. Our participants worked with the sound artist, Tom Sharkett, to collect and record the sounds.

Sounds have been created by people with lived-experience of mental health illness, to help other people in their recovery. Students from the Personalised Learning College have also made a track to support young people with their wellbeing, with the hope of creating positive sensory experiences.

We hope the toolkit will help people to access new or challenging spaces. You could explore the toolkit whilst taking part in a craft activity, or whilst making some art, to see if the toolkit helps you to unleash more creativity!

Who can use the Sound Toolkit?

The Sound Toolkit has been designed for people over 16 years of age but it might be useful for younger people, with some supervision.

Any of us can experience poor mental health at any point in our lives, so everyone is welcome to borrow these resources and give them a try.

We are all unique and what we enjoy and find comforting might not be the same as our friends and family. It is ok to move on to another track, if you are not sure, or you could have a go at creating your own sound toolkit, using soundscapes and music from your own playlist.

Do I have to answer questions about my mental health to be able to borrow the toolkit?

No, you do not need to answer questions about your mental health to borrow the toolkit. You may be asked to ‘sign out’ and ‘sign in’ when you borrow the kit, so that we know if it is free for someone else to use- but there should not be any long forms to fill in, or any personal questions to answer.

Contact Info

Woodend Gallery and Studios
The Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 2PW

01723 384500

All photos by Matt Storm Cooper , MSC1 Photography